All things themed …

1.Sri Lanka – saw the film ‘Dheepan’ last night- brilliant , and moving

2. Scandi – saw the Finnish ‘Race Horse Company ‘ new show ‘Super Sunday’…out of this bloody world .

Sarah, Kristian,Thor ,Frig and Gro , left us this week . Thanks for the flowers ,book, chocolate ,everything else and for being the loveliest Danish family ever …and especially to Kris for the presents he left us in the fridge .

3. Obama

John saw him hover in

( he actually saw about 10 helicopters overhead and so we guess it is him )

4. Sadness

Silly really ,but I feel really sad about Victoria Wood dying .

I think it is because I really like her ( seen her about 5x ) and i feel really sorry for her children .It is so hard for them


Lovely to have Florence and Simon home

Excited to have Jacob home next week .

Pleased my students got a great performance by the otters at the Wetlands Centre

Sun’s been out

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