12ft away from Tom

Victoria and Corena crept in at 4am …it was like the good old days , except Rosie never crept , she would usually have forgotton her keys, try and phone Flo – realise she had lost her phone and then on occasions , use the step ladders to climb up to Flo’s room and tap on the window.They’d partied in Hoxton Square, hopefully avoiding that pornographic exhibition AF, Stu , Amy G and I stumbled across – we all needed a drink to get over the shock. Of course they have nothing like that in Copenhagen ( joke ) and it is my job to protect the moral welfare of my neice and her friend.

Two programmes were the hilight of my evening . John and I were watching ‘ Born to be different ‘ when we spotted our lovely neighbour, Emily , sporting a QPR shirt and doing her football training….why is it so exciting when you see someone you know on TV ? Then Tom Hanks on JR. The last time I went to see ‘Friday Night with JR’ recorded , Tom was the third guest , and he was fantastic. So I feel I sortof know him . Still not going to see ‘Angels and Demons ‘ though .

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  1. I agree, Tom Hanks was great.I remember you telling me about the porno exhibition – was it the one where you had to crawl through tight spaces?

  2. I was at the Tom Hanks JR too-he was fab.. I Remember Rosie couldn’t go cus she had history to revise for so laura came instead. One time me and Rosie came in late and poor old NAT-CHAT was made to answer the door for us, moping down, weary eyed in her pjs! sorry for that Nat. xxx

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