Up with 1. the sea 2. walking 3.train journeys 4. nature ..is 5. being up high and looking down on wherever it is I am above …and that’s what we did yesterday .MPW at the top of The Cube was fab and then we walked along the canals to Birmingham’s new architectural delight – The Library .We went right to the top and looked down and across at The Cube where we had just been .I could stand and gawp for ages .It seems the new buildings are made up of lots of shapes and pattern .Google The Library and you’ll see what I mean .

Then it was back to london for GBBO .Just before the programme I predicted Becca to go and next week, Kimberly to win .Watch this space .

Today the stone in my heart is weighing a little heavier – it would have been Jane’s 61st birthday , and we always did something special.

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  1. Big hug from me on a special day.

    There’s a bend in the motorway arriving back into Auckland as you drive back from the far north of the country. On the day we drove this with Jane, she gasped as the view of Auckland city came into sight and commented that she had never seen a modern cityscape such as this. Every time I drive that piece of road it’s as if she’s in the car alongside me.xxx

  2. Thanks Sally and Steph-
    Yes it’s odd ,but I remember all the great times we had – I have pushed all the bad stuff she went through to a hidden corner of my brain .
    I do know she loved you two very much .

  3. And I loved her very much , even when I had to eat her crusts from her sandwich !
    And I know she loved you all dearly x x

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