But Lorna, does it have a commode and would it be possible to have LBC blaring out at 50,000 decibels ?

For the first time in my 51 London years I travelled to Essex from Liverpool Street. Mandy and I started dancing ( well actually i sang ‘shout’ in my best Lulu style voice ), while Mandy tried to start the conga, but we failed miserably to reinact The T Mobile Advert – how come The Sealed Knot can do it ? We walked along the beach from Frinton on Sea, briefly stopping to spend a £1’s worth of 2p’s on the ‘pushy over the edge gambling machine’ on the grottiest pier in the UK, through Walton on the Naze , all the way to The Naze tower , which is now an art gallery on 7 floors , with a wondferful blowy outside viewing gallery on the top. Dotted on 2 floors inside are tables and chairs , where some poor old guy has to lug coffees up to you. there we drooled over Mandy’s new OS map , which i managed to sabotage by folding it down the wrong lines before spilling my cappacino on it . We picnic’d in the sunshine on a beaut beach and skinny dipped in The North Sea ( I made that last bit up ).The icing on the cake was getting an Evening Standard at LS Station.

My Sister, Jane, would have been 57 today.

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