2 Celebrations !

Wow whata day , this time 50 and 52 years ago 2 of the loveliest people in the world were born . Lorna will be celebrating by cooing over a tiny baby girl , Eryn. No this isn’t Andy’s special little present to her , but her niece, who has just flown in from L.A. ( pity the poor person who had to sit next to a baby on the 10hour flight ). While Sarah awaits her special delivery – a new washing machine. OK , its not her pressie either.Hopefully they will reveal all tomo – lets hope one of them doesn’t get a webcam and take this request literally.

I know Rosie loved them both dearly, who hasn’t received a Lorna card or seen Rosie’s DVD- the Clarkes house was her second home. I too , love them both and couldn’t have got through the last 5 months and 7days without them.

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  1. Love you too,very much.Yes, I am the older one and can been seen walking around Ealing with Boots No.7 Beauty Serum bottles sellotaped to my face.

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