2 meals out

Lorna , I’m flattered you think Declan and I are that clever to think up a code . But I will tell you this – his ostriches are huge and he keeps them very clean !

Had some A.D.T. last night – no its not like WKD( a drink for teenagers ) or ADHT ( what I used to have ) or RAC ( what my car has ), but Amazing Distraction Therapy. (Are you noticing I’m keeping up the code theme ? ). Sarah and I went to see ‘Forbidden Broadway’ – ( keeping up the Musicals Theme ) – it was fauloso. If you like musicals, smut, clever lyrics, good acting , great singing , an audience full of old queens (incl us ), laughter, striptease, champagne. a2 course meal for £10, pinot grigio in a plastic glass – go and see it . Don’t go if you are a fan or relative of Cameron Mackintosh,Kevin Spacey,Elton John or Lord Andrew himself.

Of course there was more drama earlier , Jacob, Grandma and I at The Hosp ( still DON’T ask what for ). We then shot off up the counrty lanes of Surrey for lunch in the White Bear at Chelsham . Grandmama tucked into her deep fried canembert and brandy and coke.( not all on the same plate )

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