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A message from Ruby in Kenya-

Hiya Rachel,
there were loads of power cuts before i left mombasa so couldn’t use the internet much. of course you can put my emails on the blog, also feel free to edit when they get to rambling.
so today we got to bungoma, the overnight coach really wasn’t too bad, and went to southend academy.
Lyn, who i was in contact with from Ace Africa, came with Edwin and the two of them picked us up from town and drove us to the school. its beautiful. you go through these baby blue gates (bermuda blue i was told by lyn, i asked because it is everywhere!) and then its lovely inside.
because its the school holidays we didn’t get the welcome that john and Jacob did, but we were met by Moses the headmaster and shown the art room, which was full of people studying. although the school had broken up for summer these guys are preparing for their last big exam in 2 weeks. so we felt awful interrupting them, but they were very nice about it all.
we had a look at the work on the walls, which is really good, some of it was being done by 11/12 year olds and was amazing. i took lots of pictures so i can show you everything when we get back to london.
Lyn then took us to the ace africa offices where we met everyone and was told a bit more about what they do in the surrounding communities.
Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and even helped us find somewhere to stay.
So thats just a summing up but we would love to come for supper and I’ll tell you every tiny detail then, including the derailment on the way back to town.
Hope you’re all well and London isn’t treating you too harshly
lots of love
Ruby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

A message from Rachel to her relatives in Denmark-

Thor .We opened the first window of the Advent Calender you made us .I love your drawing of the skier .Wasn’t sure at first if he was holding a ski-pole or a crucifix , but seeing you’d drawn him going down hill, I think it was the former ( unless he was praying ) .

Nicolai, on your recomendation ,I saw the film ‘Festen’ today – absolutely mind-blowingly brillaint .Thomas Vinterberg makes a cameo appearance in it .Have you seen ‘The Hunt ‘ yet ?

Jacob- go and see ‘Festen’ . As a filmaker I think you’ll appreciate all the hand held camera work – even if it does make you come out feeling a bit seasick

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