26months tomorrow

Emotionally ,this has been a bit of a roller coaster of a weekend. Friday night was a high point , then on Saturday morning , I took myself to Rosie’s plaque at the Isis. It was raining , bleak , but I sat and talked to her and told her about my previous night. I laughed , cried , took a photo of myself ( like I’ve asked everyone else to do ) and was asked by a lovely Guyanan man , if I needed any help . Of course I didn’t give the obvious answer , but smiled ,told him about Rosie and then went and had a cappuccino. I then walked into St Mary Abbots Church and lit a candle for Rosie , and Lorna’s Sister,Marie. Then the text came, Imran had died- all too dam sad.

So to keep myself busy, I made soup for lunch with John and Flo, went out for coffee with Celia and then Fiona and I went up to The Menier Chocolate Factory to eat , drink and watch Ruby Wax and Judith Owen’s show/dialogue/ Q&A session , about depression. It was fabulous , and actually made me feel quite normal and not so alone.My distraction therapy went up a notch , when Fiona nudged me as we were following Dawn French into our row. Geraldine Grainger was sitting 2 seats away from me !

I’m just listening to Lawrence Dallaglio talk about the death of his 19year old sister,Francesca- what a tragedy.

Soupy this afternoon.

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