3.5.21./a date to remember

A few liitle thoughts before I go and point my toes. I need my beauty sleep as I am getting up at 4.30am, and no , I haven’t got the time of the Ricky Hatton ( didn’t he sing ”she bangs ” ? ) fight wrong BUT I am taking the 3 Musketeers off to set up shop at The Chiswick Car boot Sale – so all you locals , get your butts down there and buy all our old tat.

Adam , I found out who the puncuation policeperson was and she lied , she was born well before 1962 and is partial to a bit of jogging …and rum…and egg and chips.

Jacob , sod the art degree , hire Heroaki, and set up a similar restaurant to that one in West London.

and its countdown to Grandma’s 88th Birthday . I did get an irate phone call from her today demanding to know where I was as I was meant to be there and taking her out for a meal. I pointed out , her Birthday is actually tomorrow, the 3rd May and I was let off the hook !

Night night and for those of you who have paid £15 to watch Ricky , I hope he wins and he ends with ”livin la vida loca”.

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