3 bloody years

Stu, that quote is amazing . I have copied, pasted and laminated it and will keep it with me at all times .He could have written it for Rosie ( especially after she brushed past him with her 22p packet of salami ! ).The words are beautiful ,and for me it resonates truth.

Thank you to everyone for their words ,flowers, donations,cheeses, pictures, cards and CDs on such a sad anniversary. A special thank you to those near and far who have kept in touch and included us in stuff. I find it hard to predict how I’m going to feel , but it is always nice to asked. Sometimes the feelings of isolation combined with sadness can make me feel very lonely.Pile on the guilt, fatigue and yearning..and you’ve pretty much got grief in it’s rawest form. I wouldn’t wish this on anybody.

The four of us spent yesterday ..walking,frisbeeing ,talking,laughing, crying, eating, drinking and undoubtedly feeling Rosie’s presence with us.

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