4 things- all very different

Firstly – Dear Anonymous ,your comment did NOT sound weird ,but lovely and caring and sensitive .I want everybody to look at Rosie’s website .It is not private ,but very public .I shout her name every day .Yesterday ,by 8.30 am ,I was up at The Isis ,shouting her name .Even one of The Serpentine Swimmers looked up – I don’t care . Funnily enough we stumbled across the memorial for the victims of The Bali Bombing on the way out of St James’s Park .It is beautiful ,a huge sphere with Picasso’s Doves etched onto it ,with the words “You were robbed of life .Your spirit enriches ours “. It was there I had my little weep

Secondly – Positive news ,my friend whose daughter died suddenly and then had to endure the wrath of the press ( particularly the Daily mail -scum ), and two inquests , has been given a weeks holiday through the fantastic Sand Rose project ,in Marazion ,Cornwall .Their family deserve a dam good holiday

Thirdly – Fantastic news .Last night ,Jacob and Uri ,won the the table-tennis cup , not loosing a game .Jacob texted as they awaited the presentation of the trophy.He was wearing his lucky shorts !

Fourthly -last night went seriously tits-up and now I’m convinced I’m on the slippery slope to the residential home . Yesterday, in between The Isis, Wickes, digging up weeds and talking to my frogs, I cooked . John requested spicy , so I did a Mexican fish stew and guacamole and taco sort-of a dish ,followed by a huge cherry and Amaretto trifle .At 7.30 , bar 106 was open .John had a beer ,I had my current drink of choice ,Campari and Grapefruit , we kicked back and waited for our guests …we waited …and waited ..had more drinks and waited some more .At 8.15 .I texted them -they were round the corner in the pub ,having dinner .They thought it was next week they were coming . This is worrying .

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  1. Fish stew and trifle for days for you both,pity I am not nearer would come and help you eat it! Xx

  2. Michael and I have started pub quizzing down here and all those triv games are coming to some use!

  3. At last – is there a dress code in the pub ..thinking back to those days when we used to play ???!

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