I’m like a washed out rag ( no changes there then ) . I’ve just got back from doing my 50 lengths. Today was one of those days where we had no energy , so after an exhaustive shop ( 8minutes max in John Lewis and that included me going for a wee and then spending £64 ), we decided to do ‘fitness’. I went for a swim,whereas while as I type John is at a ‘spinning class.’ He chose that one as he thinks its probably similar to swinging ,but involes a bike and Kylie songs- hope he comes back energised !

On a fitness theme Alison dropped us off some photos, that Mr McDougall (Rosie’s form tutor – who she loved ) took at sports day. I spotted many budding athletes – Lana, Stu, Izzy, laura,Holly,Danielle,Manpreet etc , but the one who was running neck and neck with my Rosie ,was………….Nicky B. So I’ve submitted your name and details to the 2012 Olympic Selection committee – if we are away on ‘Coach trip’, I’m afraid you’ll have to pull out.

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