432 miles and a Calmac ferry crossing

While London basks in 20 degree sunshine, we are heading north to The Isle of Bute – where it is a steady 10 degrees, with the added bonus of torrential rain .

So I am sticking with Nicola Sturgeon ,who , while visiting California urged Americans to study in Scotland , by saying ” I can assure you our weather’s much more interesting than the boring sunshine you get here ”

I always said she was a wise old bird .

We are being treated to our stay by John Paul Retreats which is a newly created charity set up to help parents and siblings who are trying to cope with the loss of loved ones, either through death or other unforeseen tragedy. The charity was founded by Anthony McMahon, who lost his brother, John Paul, to a car accident in 1984. Anthony’s parent’s suffered greatly over the loss of John Paul and they also passed away in their early fifties.

There is another quote somewhere ( from me ) ” many people who have suffered great ,unexpected loss find that helping other people somehow makes their lives considerably more positive and joyous ”

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  1. I had to do a bit of a google about Bute – it looks like amazing outdoor spaces and wild life along with a required pub or two for sustenance…. sounds perfect.

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