6 words actually

Thank you to Ann, Ian , Little Mart ( as Rosie would call him – he’s prob around 6′ feet tall now ), Mandy and Chris for going to see Rosie’s plaque. It means a lot to me.

I’ve just got 3 words to say , Conservatory, Mrs White and the Dumb bells….well done Florence, and to Stu for managing to stay awake and for making us laugh.

The 3 amigo’s are off to Soupy this afternoon. As I type, John is doing a ruthless clear out of the Dwyer’s coats. Al last I’ve come to terms with the fact I won’t ever get into that size 12 brown leather jacket I bought in The Grand Bazaar in 1983. Please anyone local who has warm winter clothes ( esp men’s ) ,you want to get rid of , please drop them round and I’ll drop them at Soupy- it is dam cold out there. NONE of Rosie’s coats are going , I couldn’t bear to part with any of her stuff.

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  1. I remember how much she loved the big green leather ralph lauren coat, with the fur on the hood, and being amazed she paid something like £3 in a charity shop for it, like flo said, Rosie always found the best things. that was the time I finally cottoned on that charity shopping was much cheaper/more stylish! only silly people pay the full price she said, not realising I was one of the “silly people” !

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