7.15pm start

I like our street .It’s not partcularly pretty or neat and tidy ,but the people are nice.We have some lovely neighbours .Yesterday a flier popped through our ( and everyone else’s door ) flagging up the

‘2nd Colderhaw Road Christmas Carol Singing Event’ on Friday 14th …meeting at Laura and Elija’s, stopping at Liza and Eddie’s,Tim and Hesh’s, Jeanie and Stephen’s and finishing at Audrey’s for sausages ,gluwein and chat .Bring torches and singing voices !’

We won’t be going ( we are at the cinema watching a film about a wrongly accused paedophile ) , but it’s a lovely thing to have happening around us .

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  1. Dec ,I’ve put your name down, reserved you the extra large lederhosen and told them you’ll do the descant .Hope that’s OK ??

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