I was incredibly moved by the documentary ‘ 7/7 : One day in London’

As you know , since Rosie died ,I have met many bereaved parents , some of whom I have become very close to .One of these is Hazel . Her beautiful daughter Laura was killed on the Edgeware Road train . Hazel is good to me , even coming to Uplands to visit Grandma with me, although they had never met ( both ex St Mary’s nurses ) .We come with our own set of baggage . So on Monday night , I watched the programme , half scared that something horrific would be said about Laura’s death and the other half of me scared that she wouldn’t be mentioned at all . But she was – three minutes before the end , her smiling face popped up on our screen and another passenger broke down while telling us how he had stayed with her while she died .This passenger was so moved that Laura’s brother ,sought him out at the inquest , thanked him and told him Laura was happy, bubbly ,kind and she would have wanted him to enjoy his life and not feel guilty for surviving. I don’t really know where I am going with is , in fact I can’t really see through my tears .I just feel deep sadness for all those victims and their families,even though I didn’t even know them.

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  1. I’ve just watched it in iplayer .Such an amazing documentary .I found it a calm telling of a morning that was anything but calm ,

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