A beautiful building

Had a lovely day at work , took my year 11’s on a sensory guided tour of St.Paul’s Cathedral. We got to put on ceremonial Priest’s robes ( very heavy ), hold solid gold and inlaid with precious gems goblets ( quite heavy ), sandwich ourselves between Wellington and Nelson ( too heavy to shift even with all our body weights up against them ) and were incouraged to touch the sculptures. This is one of my isms- art you can touch ,I love it . How long before they notice one of the goblets is missing ?

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  1. You could do some of those ‘the goblet has gone on holiday’ postcards and post them back to St Paul’s. The goblet by a Sainsburys checkout (or Waitrose if it’s picky), on the swings in Gunnersbury Park,on the handlebars of John’s bike,hanging out in the basket of Joan’s zimmerframe,in the swimming pool at Gurnell,out to dinner at Carluccio’s,carrying a little knapsack and thumbing a lift down the Uxbridge Road or maybe that’s a bit silly…no-one would stop for you on the Uxbridge Road….

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