A beautiful sculpture

Did you know that July Is Bereaved Parents Month ?
I didn’t – Declan alerted me to it and also a powerful photo with the following quote

”We may look as if we carry on with our lives as before .

We may even have times of joy and happiness.Everything may seem ‘normal’

But this ‘Emptiness’ is how we feel …all the time….

( click on Melancholy by Albert Gyorgy)


2 Replies to “A beautiful sculpture”

  1. No, I have never heard of ” Bereaved Parents Month” , or the quote/poem. I have now written it in my book of quotes, poems , verses relating to loss. Thanks for sending it and I hope we will meet up soon. Love and hugs,

  2. Sheesh, that’s powerful and so is that sculpture….I keep going back to take a look. I can feel the emotional hollowness in it. Much love xxxx

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