A big heads up for Saga ( not the travel company )

Why did she do it ? I can’t stop thinking about her ..and Henrik ..and his sadness .

Bugger the plot ,it’s the love story that’s getting into my bones .

She is the best TV character ever .I sort of love her .I think we all went to protect her , and now him as well .

If all goes to plan ,we’ll be in Emerald next friday night , and so I’ll have to hold off til sunday , and the Aidan’ll be back on the scene

5 Replies to “A big heads up for Saga ( not the travel company )”

  1. Aargh!! You need a spoiler alert!! I’ve just discovered the bridge and am binge watching it at the moment. Tonight is the final episode of series one so I’m a long way behind but absolutely loving it.

  2. Andrea , how are you feeling after watching THAT episode ?
    I couldn’t sleep for thinking about it – powerful stuff . It’s weird as you know it is fiction , but it worms it’s way into your head ( well it did mine )

  3. I didn’t think August should have died – however I was on the edge of my seat for pretty much all of it. It was sooo clever. I hope the next series are as good. It does get into your head though as it all seemed so real.

  4. Saga hooked me in – I think it is because I cared for her .
    I preferred Series 3 to 2 …but it’s all a question of taste

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