A born naturalist

This time 17years ago Jacob , Rosie and I were setting off to meet Maria,Anne,Christine, Lorna and all their kids at ‘The 1 OClock Club’ in lammas Park. I looked pretty much as I do now , like a beached whale, but at least then I had the excuse , I was 41 and a half weeks pregnant. We all met up , flask and biccies were out , kids playing in the cat wee infested sandpit and then the heavens opened..so what did Rosie do ? ….took ALL her clothes off and ran around the playground ! She would not come back to me and thought it such a huge game , Lorna ran after and manage to persuade her ,it was a good idea to put some clothes on. That afternoon I went into labour and that night My beautiful Florence was born.

It sounds silly , but I knew Florence would be a girl as my Mum had boy ,girl,girl. My brother had boy,girl,girl, and I already had boy,girl….My neice, Sarah, went on to have boy,girl,girl. So it must be in the ‘ Brown’ genes. My Mum’s maiden name was Brown and she married Geoffrey brown and so all my Grandparents were Browns – OK ,i know its a really common name !

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  1. I remember Grandmama saying that the twins would definitely be girls because of the Brown “pattern”, I just thought she was being silly and stubborn, but….. It’s actually rather strange…
    All my love to all of you, and today especially Flo!!

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