A culinary cycling poem

flapjacks ( with added sultanas for extra va va voom ) in oven

golden syrup, with sealed lid,on work surface

flapjacks out of oven

tipped into bowl

golden syrup added

flapjacks back in oven

probably be pants

will anybody notice

or will they still be trying to get their feet out of their shoes out of their cleats ?

postscript: No performance enhancing drugs were used in the making of these flapjacks ( I’m saving them for my long walk )

2 Replies to “A culinary cycling poem”

  1. They all rendezvoused at 5am – I’ve never seen so much lycra/nervous energy/porridge/solid thighs.
    I hope they have a wonderful ,safe time …and make the 4pm ferry Dover to Dunkerque

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