A day by the sea

PS, YD and I were rubbing shoulders with Fat Boy Slim , Heather Mills McCartney and Stu’s Grandparents today. In reality , we didn’t see any of them , but we nearly could’ve done cos we were in Hove. Five years ago , at the Royal college of Art , I saw a fabulous exhibition ‘Sense and Sensitivity’, organised by a charity called ‘Blind Art’. Well they have a smaller, and not quite so impressive , exhibition ‘Touching Art , Touching You ‘at Hove Art Gallery . So the intrepid explorers -Prodigal Son, Youngest Daughter and moi went in search of art you can rub your hand over, listen to, wind up, turn on , smell , stick your hands in and get down on all fours and climb into ( well that was a black tent in the kiddies section , which Jacob managed to squeeze half his body into ). Old padlock pockets here had packed a picnic , but the allure of the lovely gallery cafe was too great and so we indulged in a further sensory experience of stuffing our faces.

We then headed for the beach and contacted our own personal Hove tour guide- Stu , who directed us to Fatboy Slims house and Heather Mills’s vegan cafe . We gawped at the menu ( did you know you could have cappuccino made with hazelnut milk ? ) and then plonked ourselves down on the beach next to FBS’s abode ( did you know they have their own private bit of beach – Graham Norton doesn’t at Bexhill on Sea ) and threw stones at targets Jacob made and then played ‘chicken’ to see who could sit still longest, without moving their feet, while the tide came in .

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  1. and set up this big rock 2 metres ahead of us. I threw pebbles at it for 20 minutes so they’d bounce back and mum could catch them. nothing worked- just as we’re about to leave- we have one more go- it bounces back and the prodical mum… only bloody CATCHES it!

  2. jacob- that reminds me… last night stu asked for someone to throw her a lighter, so they did, only for it to hit a girl in the face! did any pebbles bounce into faces?!

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