A day to remember

Thank you to all the artistes , their families, and our friends who came to Rosie’s exhibition today , it has been an amzing 13hours. Some people came from afar afield as Spain , France, Jersey,Work, Manchester, Birmingham and a couple even made it from Acton . The atmoshere was positive and full of love for Rosie and awe at the artwork – esp that little painting of Rosie’s bedroom ( orders taken for offers over £7.32 ). Thanks too for all the fab retro food ( except for that tight sod who bought the Sainsburies ‘value’ mega sausage roll pack. ). there is loads of Brie left so get yourself a baguette , a jar of your finest pickes and come on down for a French feast – we can even provide the red vino.

PS. has Stu recovered from her firemans lift?

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