A dear friend gave ma a packet of tartan ones- 6 months later and all lost!

Just got back from a routine appt.at St Mary’s Hospital .

I don’t always see the same person ,but this time and last ,I saw a lovely young man called Mark.

We talk .

Last time he told me that he lives in Fulham and his sister studied art ,but she had to have a break as she was being treated for Lymphoma.

Today we talked about Christmas,new year and our families .
He told me his dear mum died of cancer when he was fourteen .I told him about Rosie Then we both had a little weep and he found me a tissue .I produced my linen handkerchief and told him I always carry one as a) they don’t make your nose sore like tissues do and b) I cry a lot and he’s not to apologise for making me cry , because he hasn’t made me cry ,Rosie dying has made me cry and those tears are always just below the surface -hence the hankie .

Then he patted me on the back and we said goodbye and I left my hankie there – which I seem to do everywhere I go .

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