A Draw

Your 2 film critics have a divided view about ”Up in the Air”. Sarah thought it was good , but then she was slightly swayed by her love of George Clooney , I thought it was OK and would have worked better had it been a musical with Alan Carr as the lead.

However we both agreed the burgers , chips and garlic mayo at GBK are amazing. Joe , we thought of you and left our waitress ( who asked twice ,how we were today and looked thoroughly bored ) a whopping tip. meanwhile the boys were just down the road watching London Irish v. Lemster…I bet ther burger wasn’t as good ( but the beers were more plentiful )

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  1. Is there a reason all the words are in a funny language?! Instead of ‘name’ its telling me to type my “schrijver” and at first i thought ‘reacties’ was a hilarious abbreviation of reactions but apparently its a foreign word for comments…
    Mmmmm i want GBK, did mum have the 6 inch kiwi burger or whatever that massive one it?!

  2. No georgie i didn’t have the six incher. i had blue cheese and bacon. And chips and garlic mayo. The latter of which stayed with me all through the film…… I got home knackered (from previous night’s 3.45am finish), settled down with a coffee and ‘So you think you can dance’ and was joined by two beery fellows about ten minutes later. The host insisted more whisky needed drinking and then collapsed, leaving John struggling to make conversation with me. Which he valiantly did as his mate snored and interjected with the occasional titbit of marital insight……….

  3. Rachel i KNEW that innuendo was coming as soon as i typed ‘6 inch’, just surprised mum didnt stoop to that level first haha.

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