A great day at the seaside

By 9.25 this morning we were on West Wittering Beach .

By 10 ,John had fired up the barbecue and was cooking up sausages and fried onions for our butties .

By 11,30 we were reading the papers ( did you read the interesting article about Walberswick and Rennie Mackintosh ?)

and by 12.30 we were immersed in The Umbando religion .

let me explain …a large group of Portuguese speaking people gathered next to us on the beach . They put up their gazebo and produced the most amazing array of food and drink ( not that I was watching ) .

Then after eating they drew a huge circle in the sand ,placed pebbles all round the circle ,placed their big drums in the centre and started playing them .Then then took a huge white board and started sewing blue fabric onto it and embroidering it and sewing flowers into the embroidery .It was lovely -I was fascinated .

I got speaking to some of the children , who introduced me to the Priest ( in beach gear ) . He told me that they were Brazilian and followers of Umbanda .I’d never heard of it .So he explained that they were making a gift that they would offer to their (13 ?) spirits later in the day .He told me a lot more stuff ,but I cannot remember it .

We said good-bye and went for a walk around the headland

Roll on a few hours and we are back on the field ,tucked in behind Emerald ,setting up for our second barbecue of the day and we hear it – the drums and now the chanting ,and the praying and the kissing of the floral surf-board shaped offering .While the children continue to kick a football around , the adult Umbandos are dressed in long white cotton dresses are are back in their circle in preparation of their offering . It was quite surreal and a dam good way to kick -back ,wave hello and enjoy a couple of dam good minty lamb cutlets and a corn on the cob .

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  1. If they were Brazilian then it must be linked to football in some way and they were pretty awful in the World Cup. Obviously ‘pot’,’ kettle’ and ‘black’ spring to mind for the England team…..

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