A great film – more happy than sad

Saw the film ‘Untouchable ‘ last night . It moved me deeply .Apart from the man’s wealth , there were so many parallels with Jane . The quadriplegic man ( who like Jane was paralysed from the chin down ,and had no sensation in his body , yet suffered these terrible ghostlike pains resulting in panic-attacks) was completely dependent on his carer ( or enabler or P.A. or whatever you want to call them ) .The film ,based on true events , was about the relationship with Phillippe , a Parisian millionaire ,and his carer, Driss, who had come over from Senegal when he was eight , had a chequered past and only applied for the post so he could claim benefits.They built up an amazing relationship ,and the moment the carer left him , hit me hard .I’ve seen it so many times with Jane .She builds up a relationship , she trusts them, likes them ,she doesn’t constantly have to tell them what to do /what she needs/how to position her etc. ,they become friends ,and then they go .It broke her heart , it exhausted her and she never bounced back quite as high .

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