a healthy or hungry heart

We all had a night of culture. John and I at Questors and Jacob at Glastonbury. ‘Element Soup’ raised its game and was much more ‘full-on’ than the night before- Florence was a star, esp in her Esther Williams routine. The talent spotters were in , they saw John and I , so expect to see us on The Jeremy Kyle Show sometime next week ! Florence went out luvvieing , while John and I came home and watched Brucie- he was amazing. Was hoping to spot Jacob on Patrick’s shoulders , but alas no , the cameraman only seemed to pick out scantily clad young women. He didn’t play Rosie’s favourite though- ‘Girls in their summer clothes’.

Florence’s ticker has had the thumbs up , she went and had it screened through CRY , the money raised for Tom Clabburn’s charity. Wish Jacob could have gone.

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