A lateral thinking test

Can anyone tell me why…..Jacob got up at 5pm , left the house at 5.40am and has just txted to say he might not be back this side of Christmas ??

Answer: to take his library books back( of course ).

On Monday he announced he had to get his books back to Newcastle Uni library. He has renewed them 19x this year ( might help if he read them ) and there would be hefty fines if they weren’t back by 16.45 today, when the library closes for 3 weeks . So I wopped my airmiles no. into the PC and got him a return flight for nought. This afternoon all was going swimmingly, I was sharing a carluccios starter thingey platter( can’t get enough of their caponata – I tried to make it once but it was more like ratatouille without the rat ) and a bottle of chilled Prosecco , when BA called me to say Jacob’s return flight had been cancelled. Because it was too cold to go outside ,the whole of Carluccios was then subjected to me telling Jacob to hotfoot it to the airport to see if he could get on an earlier flight.What a surprise, Jacob’s battery was low , so i thought if i shouted he’d hear me better. The last txt i got from him was from the airport where they’d given him train vouchers……………………..

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  1. Adam, I could say I get them through all my international jetseeting I do ( for Ealing Council ???) or I could telll the truth and say its from my crdit card/sains/tescos

  2. Library books can be such a problem. When my mum and dad were moving back to Ireland 7 or 8 years ago, they found a library book that one of us should have returned. In 1969.They couldn’t cope with the guilt and did what any sensible person would have done….and took it with them to the new place. Any librarian passing through Mountmellick,outside Port Laoise, can pop in and pick it up. I think it’s probably hidden right at the back of a bookcase. Jacob could have taken his books there,my mum wouldn’t have grass him up….

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