A little bit of self reflection

Are you an empath? 10 traits of highly empathic people

1. Crowded places and loud noises overwhelm you, and you crave time alone
2. You get bored easily
3. When people get angry and shout, it makes you feel physically unwell
4. You can tell when people are lying; your gut feelings about people are nearly always correct
5. People often bring their problems to you, and you become emotionally involved with solving them
6. You can’t watch the news because it’s too upsetting
7. You can sense the general mood of a room when you walk in
8. You know how people are feeling before they tell you
9. You are a great listener
10. You rarely say no

i think most people ( me included ) would think they are , as it is not nice to think you’re not .I also wager , we all know someone who is empathic and someone who isn’t …and at certain times ,we give the person who isn’t , a wide birth .

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