A little penicillan never did anyone any harm

Yes Georgina, of course I’ll keep you a copy .As for Rosie and the artichokes…I always kept a few ‘posh’ jars in – you know the sort -the expensive anchovies ,mini peppers stuffed with feta ,that sort of thing .Well I’d go to open them ( for a treat ) and Rosie would have taken one ,replaced the lid and so now the contents were covered with a nice, thick ,green layer of mould . Nothing that a little scraping and arranging on a fancy decorative plate, before serving to my guests , wouldn’t put right.

I remember when I was a student living in Cobnar Gardens. One day I was hennaing my hair ( all the rage in the 70’s ), it was the good stuff , green,thick and smelly and had come direct from Istanbul .I mixed it with tea, slapped it on my head , then covered the whole thing in bacofoil – rather an attractive look I thought . Unexpectedly a friend popped in ,so I made him a cup of tea . As I carried his mug through ,a big glob on henna dropped in his drink , so ( behind his back ) I put it down , gave it a stir ,and he was none the wiser .Rosie would have been so proud.

Jerusalem Artichokes are to be steamed and the fried in butter with lardons to make a warm salad – you’ll be pleased to know.

2 Replies to “A little penicillan never did anyone any harm”

  1. Ermmmmmm……..could this explain my years of suffering acid reflux???????? I can still smell that disgusting henna……you made me do my hair once. xx

  2. God ,that made me laugh out loud – i have no memory of that whatsoever. What did it look like.I cannot imagine you with red hair .Would you like me to do it again ?
    As for those Sunday lunches , do you remember Geoffrey going crazy when I swung on my chair ?

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