A lovely lovely weekend

I still carry a linen handkerchief in my pocket at all times……. mainly because I cry a lot , I cannot bear people sniffing ( especially those big globular ones ) and so I try never to sniff , it is a bit of a comfort blanket ( I squeeze it when someone says something particularly thoughtless ), I spill a lot of stuff down myself and finally ,tissues make my nose sore and are a pain in the butt when you wash them in your trouser pocket .

But today ,even though my hanky has been through 2 hot washes , it is stained yellow and I know the culprit – Saturday night/ Sunday morning’s gourmet dinner of chips, cheese and curry sauce …bought from a stall and eaten on the hoof while walking down Market Street ,Listowel County Kerry .We know how to celebrate a big birthday .

As you know space is precious when you fly with Ryanair so packing it was a godsend .

It was used for

Wiping away happy tears when singing along with a packed bar to ‘Whiskey in the Jar ‘/ meeting the relatives / visiting John’s Granddad’s house / being able to sing the Lidl and Aldi song , having been in THE Lidl and Aldi and stood in the exact spot it was sung in John B Keane’s Bar / placing a bet on each of the eight Listowel races and winning on four of them / having a late night jig to the twiddly diddly dee live music.

Wiping away sand ( John and Jacob ) after they helped push a car which was stuck in the sand ,with the tide coming in ,off Ballybunion beach .


Wiping the sweat off my brow and the oil off my hands as I got out of the seaweed bath .


Covering my mouth in shock when the guy at the turnstile charged me a pensioner’s price to get in to the races


always for when I shed a little tear saying good-bye to Jacob and Florence .

Watch this ,it is good …..

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  1. Once when we were about 7 or 8 Rosie had a private notebook in which you had to answer questions about yourself. She went out of the room and I snuck a look at it (!) – I remember seeing her answer to the question “What’s your worst habit?” to which Rosie had said “sniffing”. I didn’t find out what ‘worst habit’ actually meant until a few years later and so I thought it meant the thing Rosie disliked most in other people – which I would guess is what she thought it meant too. Like mother like daughter! I tried extra hard not to sniff around her after I had read that… And harboured such guilt for having read it!!

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