a new mobility aid

I’ve bitten the bullet and just ordered Grandmama , a brand new super duper , red , 3 wheeled rotator , with a basket and an added tray and saddle bag . I can hear the woops of delight and quotes of ”about time / doesn’t she mean a rollator ? ”…and you’d be right , except Grandmama calls it a rotator and has been happy with the basket secured with 2 bits of twisted wire, round the wrong way , so the basket is at the back of the thing – nearest her , instead of at the front . So we all know whats going to happen when the new one arrives ….the words wrong/ stupid / oh s**t etc etc spring to mind.

When ‘The Chair” or ‘Broadways’ changed their name , I suggested ‘The Brigstock Manors’ . Don’t you think that would’ve looked good on the Glastonbury line-up ?

Had some fabulous coffee and walnut cake this morning ,all funds to CRY – Cardiac risk in the Young- another good charity that needs our support.

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  1. Where did you find the coffee then? Had to eat 2 rocky roads , 2 pieces of walnut cake plus a munsons cake when I got home and then go to our headteachers for dinner with the French exchange teachers feeling a bit sickly…
    They made over £1000 you know for CRY.
    Nice to see you yesterday. Keep up the blog. A x

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