* A really big Mind The Gap moment

Angie Greaves is no Claire Balding .
Ever since she sat in for Steve Wright on his Love Songs programme , and read out , with no tongue in her cheek , the top ten ways to kiss someone , I’ve never much cared to listen to her . But this morning , on ‘Good Morning Sunday’ just after playing a David Gray song , she said this (* I heard it ,just as I’d picked myself up off the floor ,dusted myself down , got my breathing back into a rhythmic state and cleaned my steamed-up , tear filled glasses )…..
”you may forget what people say.You may forget what people do. But you never forget how people make you feel’. ”

Isn’t that true ? Quite made me think .

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  1. It’s a beautiful comment which I reference often. I think it originated from Maya Angelou. Do you also know her poem ‘I shall rise’? When I first read it I immediately thought of you x

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