A record , 3 times in a day= 5.30,1.30 & 6.30 ( news)

I got so swamped with all those film offers, I missed the theatre .If you know me , one of my things is being early – I HATE being late , I get all hot and stressy ( could be my age ? ). So we got up to The Vesbar, Shepherds Bush at 7.10, sat down with a glass of chilled white , chatted, chatted more , left at at 7.50 to go over the road to The Bush Theatre , to see ( or not ) ‘A very British Country Fete ‘ starting at 8pm – except in didn’t ….it started at 7.30.We were then told that it was one act , no interval, and if we were to go in , we would be on the stage – I couldn’t see a problem with that .So……..we retraced our steps back to The Vesbar, adding crisps to our order of choice.

It has to be good news about the meningitis breakthrough , doesn’t it ?

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