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Joyce ,following your comment on ” It was a gut reaction and I stick with it ‘ ,you might be interested in this letter posted in Saturday’s Guardian.
“Denmark may be a progressive country, but they do not realise what they are missing . My seven year old son has Down’s syndrome ( as it happens diagnosed 3 weeks after he was born ), but he is the best thing to happen to my family. I’m biased , but don’t use Down’s syndrome as an excuse to terminate a pregnancy “
John Summers, Bristol

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  1. People with Down’s have characters and personalities just like the rest of us and those I have known have enriched my life.

  2. I totally agree .
    Do you remember the time at Gurnell Pool ,when one of our students made a dash for it towards the big-pool and I had to run after him .I spectacularly slid across the poolside floor into the deep-end ,loosing half my costume and all my dignity .
    Bless him

  3. Sounds a jaw dropping moment! And what happened to him? I have quite a few memories of Gurnell Pool, but not that one!

  4. He side-stepped me ,I went flying and he grinned from ear to ear ( a bit like Muttley from The Wackey races ) !

  5. I hope a gorgeous life guard came to your rescue …?One of our students made a dash for it near West Ealing Magistrates Court and you ran after him for which I will always be grateful and it was your day off. I never asked you what you were doing appearing out of that alleyway by the Cancer Research shop.

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