A Scottish Easter

It was a case of Easter Bunny meets DIY SOS …just back from a fab week in Glasgow and it was being in a film set of ‘Wild Rose’ – but without the singing , the prison and the posh house . However ,line dancing was on the menu.

I’ve learnt a lot – mainly ………

The staff at Toolstation are very friendly and helpful.

There are lots of different sorts of protective masks and gloves and when you wear them , you can’t see a thing ( steam ) , you can’t hear a thing ( hearing aids get dis-lodged and are rendered useless ) and your temperature rises so much you have to escape to Lidls with the excuse of making lunch for the team.

Queen’s Park Cafe serves the best vanilla ice-cream

Monopoly Shuffle is addictive

When you get a king-sized super-soaker held up to your face by a 6 year old boy , it is best to smile and salute him .

Even though it’s hot and you think you’ll go in the sea , faced with the waves on Portobello Beach , Edinburgh , you don’t even take your cardie off..

That our car with the bike rack on the top just fits under the 1.8m height barrier at the council tip ( for those who don’t know , I once got the school mini-bus jammed under the ones at Westway Cross)

That if you go to the council tip ofter enough , wearing clothes , trainers and an overall covered in s***e , a member of the public will ask if you work there

Rishi’s does the best South indian food outside of Southern India – kicking off with a 3 foot Dosai !

I love my family so much ,it hurts to say goodbye.

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