A Valentines supper for 3 at The Barrel in Derbyshire awaits

Today we are heading north .
God how I love heading north.
Mind you it is just as good heading east to Amsterdam .In fact any route to where Jacob and Florence are , is a good journey .
So today it is off to my old stomping ground ,Sheffield ,and then tomorrow we rendezvous in Newcastle, Jacob’s old stomping ground … for ‘DAT LIKWID LAND ‘ at Baltic 39

Jacob Dwyer and Mike Pratt

Curiosities and queries about the artists’ practice that arose during a show the duo completed for Amsterdam Art Weekend 2015 will be explored in this exhibition. Dwyer and Pratt intend to use BALTIC 39 as a stage on which to push their conflicting vocabularies in a process that aims to free both works and roles of the artist from their familiar realms. Dwyer’s new film DAT LIKWID LAND will be transplanted from the cinema, into a gallery space designed and filled by Pratt and conceived in the first instance without collaboration. Both set and film will then come together with simultaneous activity and cyclical duration, creating an installation that examines the encounter with the works both in an ‘on’ and ‘off’ state.

Cannee wait til Florence and Simon chug down and we are all cosied up in our Airbnb – I feel really safe then

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