A very special find

We have a mini miracle in The Dwyer House this afternoon, no not Florence found the laundry basket, but John found Rosie’s 2 purses. We have gone half crazy looking for them They are sssssssoooooooo Rosie, stuffed to the hilt with rubbish, valuables etc. They are ‘her’. I can’t bring myself to look in them yet . but in time …….Oh yes, they had been put safely ( lets not ask ‘by whom?’ ) in a little compartment in the blanket box tucked away in her bedroom.

John and I are entertaining tonight , this is such a rare occurrence I’ve got to go and have a bath ( can only snooze in the bath , not on dry land ) to recuperate after griddling 4 courgettes !

PS.I am thrilled Gino won – what a lovely man

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  1. dyu remeber what kind of disposable camera it was- there are always loads lurking around the house that I use- perhaps it could be one.

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