a walk in the sunshine

Just got in from sunny Suffolk, Woodbridge to be precise . I have been there once in my life, with Jane , but once there she CBA to get out of the car so we sat by the tidal mill, proudly displaying her disabled badges and eating our butties – until i was dispatched for coffee.. This was typical of a day out with her – we did the same in Chichester ,Bath and Oxford – except no tidal mill.

Today was fab and only £18 on the train – God how I love the train – you can eat,drink ,talk, listen to other peoples conversations and go sidesplittingly hysterical when , en route to the loo, I got trapped on the wibbly wobbly concertina bit between the 2 carriages , as the 2 sets of doors got jammed.

Good to hear the invitations are plopping on your mats- Helenka , yours will be posted tomo.

Edward I’m free the whole of next year , so get that group booking going !

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