A weekend on the lagoon

Just got back from a 3 day mini-break in Venice .

I love that city .No cars, water everywhere , around every corner,something beautiful to look at (and I’m not talking about John licking his huge gelato ) ,Ireland winning the 6 nations, me winning 3 out of 5 games of Scrabble …I could go on and on .

We did the usual stuff…got lost, ate fabulous food, drank Campari Spritzers , P rosecco, P eronis and Scroppinos .C limbed up high to see over St M ark’s Square , roamed around the fish market, drank at ‘student-bar’ , drank at ‘posh-bar’ . W atched the Gondoliers keep their gondolas upright after a high-speed police speed boat ploughed through the middle of them .D idn’t see any art ( not proud of that – but because it was so sunny preferred to be outside ) .S aw an interactive roaming around opera ,Rigoletto, at Musica a la Palazza. Got the boat to the stunningly beautiful , colourful ,island of Burano and ate at one of the best fish restaurants I have ever been to – ‘Al Gatto Nero ‘.Introduced John to one of Rosie’s favourite delicacies, Mortadella ( a sort of fatty ham , not a cocktail ).Stayed at a lovely little hotel in a bedroom with 2 windows that over looked one of the prettiest little canals .

Loved every minute of it and felt very fortunate to be able to have so many lovely experiences .

Ps. Janis ,I’ve tried writing to you ,as I do not have your email address , but I fear it might be your old address , so if you haven’t received my good old fashioned letter ( about meeting up in the Easter hols ) and if you do read this ,would you mind contacting me via the contact email on this website – ta .
Sorry to sound so cryptic- it really isn’t ! x

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  1. I agree , we were there for 3 nights and hardly touched it .
    I think it is extra special as there are NO cars , so it is so peaceful .
    I love that city !

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