After the boiler ( yes Sally ,it’s that white metal thing on the wall ,that we all ignore when it is working and curse when the little flame thing goes out ) gave up on us, Virgin followed suit and did the same ..right in the middle of Mumford and Sons at Glastonbury !

Resulting in no tinternet,phone or TV . So you can imagine what a happy and fragrant household we were .

So now I’ve got a moment ( when i’m not reading manuals ,phoning call centres and weeping ) ,I’ll answer the questions…

Florence is home safe and sound …so we all made it to Nat’s lovely 21st Birthday Party.

Meeting The Ace Crew was great .But to be honest ,when they start showing us photos and talking about the projects, the children,Rosie’s Artroom ,I just get so emotional ,I can’t really take it in .

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