Anyone else not know what i meant by Bins.

The first correct answer gets a pair ( clue ). Jacob is not allowed to enter as he did ask me, both electronically and verbally .

5 Replies to “Abbreviations”

  1. Damn, i knew it was binoculars aswell! Sarah said “this time” she didnt cheat… is that a concession to the fact that she did cheat last time on the art freak quiz??!

  2. I thought ‘bins’ were just glasses? Mind you ,I do wear very powerful contact lens and then glasses on top for reading. My own ‘bins’ do resemble glass milk bottles. I’m just going to tap my way into the kitchen now with my long white stick………

  3. Yes Georgina, I did admit that the AF himself told me the answer to that quiz ;-( But I did also forfeit my prize, I just couldn’t enjoy my potnoodles knowing I had cheated to get them….. 🙂

  4. I thought Jacob was being funny when he asked about the bins as in ‘taking the bins out’ kind of thing as if you’d put them in the car and drive them to Barnes rather than have them sit in your lovely new front garden. never occurred to me he REALLY didn’t know what bins were……….

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