Advice for next time ?

I know it’s not about me , but I feel I was nearly there today ….why ?

Meghan’s real name is Rachel

I took a school trip to Windsor last year .

Justin and I have met ,I’ve sent him a book ( Religion for Atheists) , he responded .I like him .

I had an ASD student once who knew all the words to ‘Stand by Me’

John’s met Wills and Kate

I went on a Chiltern’s walk on Thursday .Half way round we popped into Chenies Church , picked up a hymn book and belted out the first hymn the page fell open at – only bloody ‘Lord of all Hopefulness’

Anyway my views on the whole thing ,

I loved Rachey’s/ Mehg’s dress and The Queen’s outfit . Apart from above mentioned song , the music was funereal and so sombre .Doria looked so sad and so alone – why didn’t she have a bessy mate sitting close and holding her hand .It would be nice if the Queen smiled .

I’m always nervous when The Royals ( and Meghan ) go up the steps – I wish they would link arms with someone . Do they not like touching each other ?

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