AHe was always the youngest in the year

It’s LJBD ( little Johnnie Beardie Dwyer)’s 58th Birthday today .He’s spoken to Florence and Jacob and so all is well with the world

But we’ve just got back from 3 wonderful days in Dorset and so and we are doing jobs , going to Chandni Chowk for a curry and watching Tuesday’s stupid but so watchable “in the Club “. Last night we got in and watched Baked Alaskagate on GBBO – Fabulous .

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  1. following on – I wish Paul wouldn’t overdo the swagger .Thought this weeks episode was terrific, although iain did throw his toys out of the pram a bit too quickly

  2. I love it too – it is so over the top ,but the acting is great .
    I was convinced the birthing bath was going to burst – quite disappointed when it didn’t !

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