Alternative viewing

Did you see Arjon do his little skip tonight ? Dam it , Uncle sir Alan ( as he called himself ) have put my 2 favourites Tim and Arjon , on the same team for the final .Now I’m all of a dither. Jacob is home , we received minimal radio contact , as his phone battery is warped and it will only work if held at a 45 degree angle to the phone , and pressed downwards ( Georgina-i’m refering to his Nokia ).

Tomo night ,nobody let the cat out the bag and tell me who won as I’m going to the theatre . I booked the musical ‘Paradise Found’ ,for Sarah’s bday , before the reviews came out . The guy in The Sunday Times wrote ”I hated every minute of it”. Perhaps we should stay in with Karen and Nick and a bag of chips .

2 Replies to “Alternative viewing”

  1. Shocked and appalled that you would even think something else would cross my mind… Hope the play wasnt as shite as the critics said! Or if it was, hope you had enough wine to help you through it…

  2. just watched that one – definitely dislike zoe now, constant sneering and unhelpfulness, and at the end she announced to the house lord sugar had only positive things to say?!! what a cow.

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