Amy McDonald was good too

He didn’t play it …but he did play everything else and was amazing . Bruce tried to get through the crowd to get me to be his Courtney Cox on stage , but it was just too dam packed ( and muddy ,plus the two billion tons of woodchips smelled of manure and anyway I was happy on John’s shoulders ). On the walk to the tube ,Lin and I were talking about the Jubilee Concert saying how pants Elton John and Paul McCartney were – couldn’t really project their voices anymore and should just retire gracefully or do small venues …then who comes on stage and joins Bruce for 2 last numbers- only Macca -they belted out ‘Saw her standing there’ and ‘Twist and Shout ” and of course we went wild ( me in a little jiggy sort of way ). Until one of Boris’s Westminster minions , pulled the plug, and it all went quiet . But , he hadn’t played that song and I’d seen a Beatle .

John should be out of traction in a couple of months…

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