An exhibition

Declan , are you excited , Phil returns to our screens tonight ? We don’t care that his firm has gone bankrupt, his shirts are too tight and Kirsty puts him down all the time – he’s still our channel 4 pin-up.

Exciting news, it is highly likely ( I have a meeting Thursday week ) that we can hold Rosie’s exhibition in The triangle Space, Chelsea school of Art 14-18 December 2009- so you will be able to see YOUR work ( remember the 2 squares you did), plus Rosie’s ,some of her friends and family( prob not Grandma )’s displayed proffessionally in a wonderful setting. As you will realise , December will be a very hard month for us, Rosie’s 20th Birthday on the 9th and then the saddest day of the year ( I’m guessing marginally sadder than the other 364 ) the 21st December – I won’t even bother mentioning Christmas etc. So this will be a huge , positive project …once again I ask for your support .

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