An explosion

Did anyone listen to the radio 2 , Chris Evans show on Wed ? We did , and so took up his challenge of creating ‘The 5 minute choc mug cake ‘. Not cos it’s made by mugs ( except in our case ) but, in a mug. Our kitchen now looks like an extreme version of a dirty protest ( for all you bloggy readers under the age of 30 look it up under ‘Irish history’ ). Jacob , Flo and I all made one and John was made to taste test them . He didnt know whose was whose – otherwise i would have won ! Well….Flo won with her secret added ingredients of , Belgium choc and coffee, I came 2nd with my mashed banana ( always thinking of my 5 aday ! ) and Jacobs was truly disgusting with added Baileys and cinnamon. He was looking for the Amaretto, until I pointed it out ,HE finnished it last Thursday .

Just borrowed the trusty blue bus and hit Wickes for some huge board . AF is at it again ( hope its better than his choc cake ).

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