And did we really need to know about Trevor Nelson’s family

Last Friday , 9 of my students left and I co-coordinated their Records of Achievement ceremony .That meant 9 sets of photos to music , 9 tributes , 4 guest speakers , 2 photo montages and loads of other stuff .I had masses of help , especially on the techy side , and while my students were proudly up on stage , I was quietly blubbing in the wings .The whole organisation of it sent me reeling- sleepless nights, cold sweats , lists on my lists . So how did Danny Boyle do last night ??

There were things landing from all angles and even the audience changed colour ( well their little hand held computer thingies ). To be honest at the beginning I was cringing and was thinking I bet the whole world thinks we’re mad – dancing round maypoles ( for one dreadful minute I thought it might evolve into ‘a Fifty shades of Grey ‘ theme ..with all those ropes ), skipping in the countryside , frolicking in the fields and then it became industrialised and just got better .It’s all a bit of a blur now, but I loved the hearing and non-hearing,signing choir – (I could sort of join in without singing ) and all the drumming and dancing and jumping and Rowan Atkinson and London lit up and the parachuting and Becks and fireworks and James Bond and the Military and The Chelsea Pensioners and The Queen picking at her nails and the D of E having a doze and people on bikes ( I swear I spotted Bradley ) pretending to be birds and the torch cauldron thing ( bloody amazing ).

It was hard to pull myself back ,after they showed photos of people who had died . But I did and I have to ask Danny …why did you end with Paul McCartney ? He couldn’t sing at The Jubilee Concert and Bruce Springsteen was so fed up with him , he cut them both off in Hyde Park ( he said it was cos he broke the curfew , but thatwas just a cover-up ).

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  1. Quite agree – Paul McCartney should retire gracefully – ending with the cauldron and fireworks would have been brilliant.

  2. hear hear about PM .Is he wearing a wig, I was worried about that wind .
    Where did they all get changed ? I saw a drummer interviewed today .His drum was an upturned big black bucket .he’s taking it home to plant something in it .
    I read that Mark Rylance was meant to speak , but he couldn’t as his step-daughter died very suddenly. I thought of your family and Rosie

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